Custom Blends and Health Regimen Consultations. Certified by the AMA/All 50 states and territories for supporting Pets, Humans, Performance Animals and Farm Animals

If you are looking for Eclectic Herbal Blends, LLC, You've found me. I'm taking on all clients, including Covid clients at the moment. I'm in the midst of getting my business website switched off seasonal and back to regular working hours. is functional now.

Soon my original website you all know and rated so well for many years will be back online. Sorry for this basic text travesty before you. LOL!

I have a new formula especially formulated to support Covid. I'll post it here for purchase via paypal in the coming days. I have to ensure my labeling is GMP and FDA compliant. I've supported local clients on this blend for the past 10 months and it is proven to help them.

Week 36 for Miss Gwen